Where to start?

Joining the Common Market -> EU was always an iffy idea for me. Brought up in a culture that emphasised the good of the Commonwealth I saw the UK as somehow acting as a hub between Europe, the Commonwealth, and the USA. It may have worked in 1975, though in hindsight I doubt it. Having voted to withdraw from the Market in 1975, and seen that defeated 2:1 my view was clear: we were in, the argument was over, we must be 100% committed and be central to the Community. We had to be not merely a member of the community but the best, hardest working, most important member of the community. We needed to reform the Community (the Common Agriculture Policy was an obvious starting point) and develop an expanded community that would reflect the best of British whilst accomodating the best from the other members.

So what happened …?

Does Brexit answer my 1975 hopes …?

… more follows ...

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